How to get views on YouTube

How to get views on YouTube in 2020

Hello friends! We will learn how to get more views on YouTube. A lot of articles on the Internet are about this topic, but this article will be slightly different from all articles.

How to get views on YouTube

Making videos on YouTube and making money from them is not rocket science, and yes, it is not easy either. You have to keep working hard and follow some steps, and you will get the result yourself.

Do research first

How to get views on YouTube

Before making a video, You should do proper research. You need to find out what kind of keyword the audience is searching for and also find out how much competition there is for that keyword. And you have to find a keyword and a topic that more and more people are looking for, and there is less competition for that keyword. 

You can use Google Keyword Planner to search for keywords. It is an excellent tool for keywords research provided by Google.

Know your audience

You should know your target before making a video because if you target a specific audience, then there will be more chances of getting more views on your video. 

Using a Meaningful and Keyword Added Title

If you have learned how to use the searched keywords, then no one can stop you from getting views on YouTube. You have to keep the title of your video in which the keyword should also be added, and its meaning should be made, and your title should be attention-grabbing. 

Use attention-grabbing thumbnails

Suppose your video is ranked on YouTube, but the thumbnail of your video is not attracting attention, then people will watch your video less. That is why try that the thumbnail of your video is attention-grabbing. And take care not to mislead people in the cycle of making thumbnails attention-grabbing.

Add Create End Screens

You must use the end screen in your video. The end screen is the one in which after the video is finished, the other video on the screen suggests. With this, your viewer also watches other suggested videos after watching one of your videos. 

Pin at Pinterest

How to get views on YouTube

Pin your videos to Pinterest; Pinterest is a social media website that has millions of traffic. You must pin each of your videos to Pinterest, and this will bring views to your video and will also brand you. 

Use Other Social Media Also

Apart from Pinterest, use social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Nowadays, people spend more and more time on social media. If you share or promote your video on social media, you will be able to get more views.


Networking is essential to get more views on YouTube. If your network is good, you can make a video with another YouTube creator on its channel, and this will increase views on your channel. 

I hope you have understood how to get more views on YouTube. And if you enjoyed the article, then definitely share it with your friends.

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